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No longer displays the artist I've downloaded.

No longer displays the artist I've downloaded.

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So I normally download an album or two from a particular artist, then once I'm in offline mode, I'll search through downloaded artist and then listen to those albums. However the past two weeks, whenever I download something new, the artist does not appear in my library. But if I go and search for the album itself under albums, it is there. Does anyone know why artists that I've downloaded aren't appearing all of a sudden? It doesn't even come up when I search for them, only the album itself. 








Google Pixel 2

Operating System

Android version 9




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Hey @ktabes, help's here. 


Can you reinstall the app with these steps and see if it helps? Keep in mind that you'll have to re-download all your offline music. If it didn't help, can you give us a more specific example of what's happening, step by step?


Also, send us screenshots so we can have a better look.


Keep us posted 🙂




I tried doing a clean reinstall, and I've noticed it's still doing it. It's hard to pin point because it doesn't happen with every artist, just randomly, some artists.


In the photos below you'll see the album by "Du Blonde" appears when I search all albums, but their name doesn't appear when I look for them by their artist name. 


The only filters I have on is "downloaded" as I'm searching for this in offline mode. 




Hey @ktabes.


Thanks for getting back to us.


We're changing a few things in how the library works. If you'd like to have an Artist in Your Library, you'll need to save the Artist from the Artists page.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

When you do this though, you can't just see the songs you have downloaded from that artist. It basically takes you to the artist homepage and you'd have to navigate their discography just to find a song. Also, this means we'd now have to go through and re-add all of our artists to that tab?

It makes no sense why the artists library had to be removed, I often went to browse a particular artist and just wanted to listen to the few songs of theirs I had downloaded. Now, I can't even do that without having to go through their artist page to find one single song off one album. Hopefully you guys change this back to where it was convenient. 

Hey @Grizzlybear2313,


We're always making changes to give the best overall experience possible, but this of course means that some features may be removed. For the same principle, features may also be re-added in the future. 


For now, if you're in a playlists such as your 'Liked Songs' and want to find saved tracks based on artists, you can press the 3 dots for more options and then search for the artist to find them. 


There is an idea about the new Library view here, so feel free to add your +Vote there if you agree with the topic. 


Let us know if there's anything else!

This issue is gaining A LOT of traction with users.

I talked to support and they feel their idea of scrolling by album is far more efficient then srolling by artist.

I can't believe Spotify would do something that is so easy to avoid which is going to turn users (myself included) over to a service that doesn't have this type of restriction.

I agree. This update has the worst ideas i have ever seen put into a music app. What kind of music app decides "hey...lets remove the list of songs they have..AND the list of artist..then replace it with nothing and a more clumsy version" Just idiotic


I have alittle under a month on my sub left. I will be switching to another service if they dont fix it. It all worked great before and i loved it. I have no issues with things changing for more convienence, but this is just removing all that and kicking us in the **bleep**. The only hope i have is them changing it back after all the backlash and them noticing "hey...that was a **bleep**ed thing to do...better change it back"



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