No matter what I do, my playlists WON'T DOWNLOAD!


No matter what I do, my playlists WON'T DOWNLOAD!


Hi! I have this annoying problem with my Spotify. It wont let me download my playlists? I have reinstalled it several times, cancel the download again and again, tried the beta version, removed other playlists that might have effected it, removed songs, removed memory from the phone, tried friends networks, banging the phone to the ground, screaming at it and it still doesn't work. I feel really ripped of because I'm not getting what I'm suppose to from the app. And i know that there is something wrong with the app becuase it doesn't work no matter what I do. What should I do to FIX THIS?! Spotify sucks chimp d*ck right know.


And please Spotify staff, please don't act surprised with these kind of problems. I'm not the only one.

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I've tried everything on here besides reloading to factory settings, which I believe is a dumb thing to have to do when I've been paying for this service for a good while now. Not only did I just waste an hour of my time for nothing, but I ended up losing the hundreds of songs that I had downloaded before this problem occured.  Has anyone found any realistic ways of correcting this problem yet?????

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Spotify - can you make mine work too?


Hi Meredith.

I tried shutting down and reloading.....I thought it was my android phone, but it is occurring on my iPad as well. What's going on?

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Same problem here 😞

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Working now


having the same issue, can't download my playlists no matter what. I guess I need to wipe my phone, such a pain though. 

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Hi, I'm having the same issue. Basically started where I could download songs, but then if I restarted my phone it would appear as if I didn't download them. So I uninstalled Spotify today and reinstalled it, and now it won't let me download songs. I'd rather not have to wipe my phone so if I could get some assistance here that would be great. 


username: sphalen




I'm having the same exact problem as sphalen.  I tried clearing data, unininstalling, restarting and re-installing.   Now it wont download at all.

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I'm having the same issues too. I'm using a mytouch 4g. I have triedreinstalling the app, I have tried rebooting the phone and I just tried a complete erase of alldates and a factory reset andstill nothing. I have tried erasing the SD card. Nothing. This needs a serious update fast! I hate paying for something I can't use


I am right there with you...mine started yesterday. I can download the playlist just fine but if I shut my phone off and turn it back on...the downloads are gone and I have to do it again. Grrr. I hat paying for something I can't use...Please fix.


I have now run into this. I cant downalod any playlist!!

Add me to the list of people getting this problem. Just started my 30 day trial of the premium service, installed the app, set up a playlist and it refuses to download on my android as well. Glad I haven't actually paid money for this yet.


Signed up for the trial premium service on my Droid 3. Downloaded version In online mode I set up a playlist and added several songs. When I go to the playlist I get "downloading 0%" and it never changes. Have rebooted my phone and the problem remains. I need to have songs offline so I can listen to them in the gym - if this can't be fixed I will cancel the subscription before the trial ends.


@kiat wrote:

That didn't work for me.  It's getting pretty tiresome to see the same kind of list of instructions to try.  


To Spotify employees:


  • What are the alternatives if your instructions don't work?  (i.e. what is plan B)  
  • Are you rolling into your docs  the feedback from others who have managed to get download working?   How are you getting debug info back to base?
  • State which phone and OS versions you have tested the fixes on that you are expecting your users to try


I agree.  Nothing has worked for me so far.  Seems like the subscribers are coming up with the fixes, not the app folk!  I love Spotify so am hanging in there, but money is involved and that sours any 'love relationship' I feel for you guys.


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so so frustrating. tried clearing cache and uninstall on HTC Desire HD, and nothing.


 Hopefully spotify will provide a statement detailing progress of the solution to this clearly widespread problem.



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They newer will fix this problem. Just move on some other music systems. Im given up spotify totally. They dont care their paying android customers. 


Im using thse days rdio and sony music unlimited. Both have offline playlists. And they work 🙂 No need to reload etc...




Wow.  Same issue here.  Just upgraded to premium. My phone is a Droid Razr Maxx.  The app is just stuck on playlists "Loading"?  Did everything listed here short of a factory reset, which I refuse to do.  I'm glad I didn't deactivate my grooveshark account, which I'm grandfathered in at $3 a month.  It just works, unlike the Spotify app.  If the issue ever gets fixed, I may try it again, but for now, bye bye Spotify...

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Using an old HTC desire-Z.


having the same problem as everyone else i'm guessing. sortof anyway, since the latest update the app tells me "no internet connection available" even though i'm surfing the net at the same time... So it seems the App has no way of connecting to the internet. Seems simple enough? a simple update telling it to atleast friggin' try should fix it?


And yeah this **bleep** pisses me off aswell since it's the 2nd time an update messes **bleep** up and we have to uninstall, re-download and do all kinds of **bleep**ty running around. I Love spotify i really do but should i really have to whipe my whole phone and spend hours troubleshooting **bleep** just so i can get to listen to musik at work? (yes, hours, i'm no good with this **bleep**)


Also i'm not taking any chances and removing the old songs that are still downloaded to my phone just to MAYBE get it working, some days at work listening to musik is all that's keeping me from mauling someone with a wrench.

works on my new galaxy s3 now. thus concluding my frustration.