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No one told me about the SD card

No one told me about the SD card


After days of going through these forums and trying various troubleshooting steps and new Preview version and all I simply inserted a microSD card on my phone as it did not have one - and my app started to work.


I inserted it so that I can load more pics/music to it, but it fixed my Spotify app on Android ICS.


No one, not them forums or the app on the phone asked me to Insert SC card.


A simple app like whatsApp, when I got an image in the chat and I clicked on the image, it said Insert sd Card, so I got one.


I am Happy that it fixed, but just embarrassed/ annoyed that I had to go through days of head banging because of this 🙂

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Thank you thank you!! Been having the same problem, and wondering if it was the lack card- so glad you said something!

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