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No sound on bluetooth connection

No sound on bluetooth connection

Dear community,

when my device connects to my car radio via bluetooth it looks like spotify is starting the music and the time goes up, but there is no sound played.

As recently as the next track starts playing there is sound like nothing happend.

If i press pause and then play then it's also working like a charm.


Are there any solution proposals?

Thanks in advance,



Plan / Premium

Country / Austria

Device / Oneplus 5T

Operating System / Android 8.1.0 

Spotify Version / armV7

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Hey @fellwell5,


Welcome to the community! 


Hmm, that's odd! Does it happen everytime you start listening with your car stereo? If you leave Spotify playing without pausing or skipping tracks does it eventually start working? 


It's always best to give the app a reinstall, just to give everything a refresh.


Let us know how it goes,


Hello Tom,

it happens on different cars and I hear the music when the next track starts.

Somtimes the music plays when it's connected and plays for 1-2 seconds but then there is no sound and just the time goes up.


I'll reinstall the app and try it on afternoon.



Hey @fellwell5,


Let us know how it goes after the reinstall. We want to make sure to solve this one together 🙂


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