No video for Joe rogan

No video for Joe rogan





United States


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra

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Android Oreo


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I can still not watch the Joe rogan podcast on my phone. It has been months since you've acquired Joe rogan, with the promise of being able to view the podcast. I've searched many of the other posts and, continue to see the same responses from spotify and the moderators. This issue needs to be fixed. I have no problem watching them on wither my desktop pc or my laptop, but your app requires so much cpu usage that it's impossible to continue to work.  What gives why hasn't this been addressed.  


I have already Uninstalled and reinstalled as well as cleared the cache and followed your "guide" to solve most spotify problems. 


Please get it together and fix an issue that has been around since December. 

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Hey @Tbsoccerpratt,


Thanks for posting here on the Community 🙂


We can confirm that videos should work on Android phones.


In case you're using a VPN, we'd suggest you disable it. We don't recommend using a VPN with Spotify as that might affect the functions.


If there are no changes, we'd suggest you head here and contact our support team. The folks there can investigate this further.


We'll be right here if you have any questions.




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