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Noise at beginning of tracks.

Noise at beginning of tracks.

I'm experiencing an audible burst of noise at the beginning of each track.   when casting Spotify from my Android phone to a hifi amplifier. Casting flac and mp3 files are unaffected. Similarly casting Spotify from my Windows 10 desktop via the Chrome browser is fine. The problem appears to stem from the time of the Google Home update.

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Hey @chriscolobus!


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. We'll be happy to help you. 


In this case, could you please fill out the full Ongoing Issue template below? This will help us and make sure that we have all the info we need:


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Operating system : Android 6.0

Spotify App Version :

I'm noticing this issue as well on Windows 10 desktop with the last version since 11/14/17.  The first track in the playlist plays fine, but then when it goes to the next track, there's some static noise at the beginning.... this is happening whenever it goes to the next track.


The playlist is: spotify:user:12173566794:playlist:2MJecSryZWVkm7P0yWJrd4

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