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Nothing works in New App. Premium Account Now Useless

Nothing works in New App. Premium Account Now Useless

I have used spotify for about 6 months now, on a premium membership with no issues.  My Droid recently auo updated to the new version of Spotify ("Version .5.0.xx") and now almost nothing works.


My Specs - Running GAlaxy Nexus with Android Version 4.04.

Spotify - .5.0.xx - See attached screen shot.


I've installed, uninstalled, restarted phone, done a fresh download and reinstall, and the following problems still exist.


1- Wehter I choose the Spotify Login Credentials or Facebook, it logs me in, shows the playlists, then goes back to login screen, then back to play lists indefinitely until I terminate the app.  It just goes back and forth.


2 - Upon restarting the app after login failure, I am taken to my playlists where "downloading"  remains the status indefinitely despirte being connected to wifi and no data actually be transmitted.


3.  The playlists show they have tracks in them, and when I click on them, they show as blank (see attached image).


4.  Basically the entire app is useless now that all my playlists don't apear to have actual tracks in them other than the cunter under the playlist name on the home screen. Once you click on a playlist, there's nothing there.


5. I can search for a new song, find it, stream it, play it.. Just fine. Add to a playlist? - NO.. It dissapears into the issues listed above.


I think I need a refund. Back to my Google Music for now.Screenshot_2012-06-14-09-28-14.png









Sample Playlist once I click on it

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Hi there,

Can we try resetting your devices here? It looks as if you have the maximum amount in your account, and it could be causing trouble.

You'll lose your offline tracks though, unfortunately. Would you like me to reset those devices?

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

Could you please do the same for me? My Spotify app has not worked in a week and I have tried everything. I cannot get a response from my support requests.



I have updtaed to the latest version but still have the issue with empty playlists.

Can you please reset my account to.

Mine is doing the same thing! When i first downloaded the app it worked great and i was very impressred by it but when i bought it so i could take it on my cell after the free trial ended it does what your complaining About!!! I can't do anything either and it is stupid as crap! I'm wanting them to refund my money too or fix this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Please! I am sorry, I didn't notice I had any reponses to my thread until now. Thanks for the responses!  I'd love to be reset on your end!  If you can do that ASAP, I would greatly appreciate. I have updated to the latest version from the Google Play Store.


Same here!

Did you try clearing all the data under App Info in System Settings?

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Yes sir, I did. Numerous times as well as in varying stages of trouble shooting. Still no resolve.

Right, that was my last ditch attempt. I'll defer to Sam's reset method.

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Thank you!

hey Sam!can you please try to reset my account, per your previous post? No other solutions have helped as of yet. I'd greatly appreciate it.

This is a followup to a post earlier ( .  Screenshots attached. Despite updating to yesterday's release of, nothing has changed.


I can get passed the login screen sending me away and coming back indefinitely until I terminate the app.  However, My premium account is still useless for the primary reason that all playlists appear empty.  In the main index screen that lists all the playlists, they do have track counts. Upon clicking any playlist, it appears empty. I even tried adding new tracks searched for on this version of the app to brand new playlists. No luck, those brand new playlists incorrectly appear as empty, although it still tallies the track count.


I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling numberouse times. Force stopping the app, clearing all data and starting over. Still no luck.


Sam, a forum moderator here asked if he could reset my account on their end.  That's why I am posting this.. Please please please reset my account on your end! I've asked repeatedly as a followup to your post on the original thread here: but have received no response.


Sam - can you please reset my account. Loosing offline data and stored songs does not matter to me as I can't use them anyway.  A refund for this month would be great as well.


Thanks Sam! I really appreciate you helping me out with this!




Sample Playlist once I click on it



Hello. No need to make multiple threads - I've just merged your other one into here now!

I've now reset your devices - See how you get on now. Sadly, we can't process refunds over the community, as it involves confirming some details. You can get in touch with an advisor, however. Scroll up, click on "About Us" and then select "Contact Form".
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Thanks for the help. Unfortunately it didn't resolve the issue, even with a complete wipe of the phone, a fresh install of spotify and you resetting it on your end.  I'll go ahead and cancel my subscription now.


Thanks for the help though!

Can you please reset my account as well. Ive completely wiped the phone and installed spotify and I am having the same issues. 

jivy26 - Okay, just done that for you!
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Is there a way of finding out if having reached the limit of downloads is the problem? with the old version of the app It did tell me that I had reached the maximum devices (having only downloaded onto 3) but never caused the problems I am having now.


I set play lists to download, they appear to download, but next time i open the app they have gone again, making it useless as a mobile app....


Any advice appreciate - I am a big Spotify fan and want to be able to keep using it!

Im experiencing the same thing. I want to go premium but not if it doesnt work. Has anybody gotten thiers to work or should I not go premium?

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