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Offline Content - it's on SD card but Spotify does not recognize it

Offline Content - it's on SD card but Spotify does not recognize it




I purchased a 128GB SD card for the explicit purpose of being able to store offline music through Spotify. I cleared the cache for Spotify, deleted the "" folder, reinstalled the app and then set the download quality to "Extreme".  


I have about 7 GB of music downloaded so far and I've confirmed that IT IS in the "" folder on my SD card. When I try to view 'Downloaded Only' files in the app, it routinely either crashes entirely or just does not show the music.  I've cleared the cache/uninstalled/reinstalled etc. three times now.  


The SD card is not corrupt because it works fine for every other purpose.


Would really appreciate any and all help because this is very frustrating.  I'm running Android 5.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy S4.



3 Replies

Got the same issue..

26Gb of content stuck in the SD card..



A clean install can fix Random crashes or force closes.

NOTE: You will lose all preferences & offline playlists in doing this!


1. Uninstall the app from your phone by going to 'Settings' -> 'Apps' then scroll to the Spotify app and tap on it. Once loaded press 'Uninstall'.
2. Using a file manager make sure that the below folders are deleted if they still exist:




If you can not delete the /sdcard1/Android/data/ folder, be sure to format your SD card fully. 

3. Next; reboot your phone

4. Go to phone settings - Storage and scroll down to SD Card. Try un-mounting the re-mounting the card.

5. When all folders are removed and the phone has rebooted go to the play store and install the Spotify Music app again (Google Play Store or Direct from Spotify).

6. Download your playlists in extreme quality.



If the problem still persists view Daniel's full post here and try every step as I just posted the ones that I think are relevant to your issue. Also feel free to reply to this post if it is still not working and I will post some other ways to try and fix your issue.





I am curious to know what function of the app permits you to view or play 'Downloaded Only' files. What menu is it in?

Possibly you are refering to the slider switch 'Offline' ?  (at the top of the settings menu, with the explanation : "When you go offline you will only be able to play the music you've downloaded" )


Attention #1 : the real objective of this option (as far as I can tell) is to stop your device auto-connecting to Spotify website when you are online with your device. It is not intendded to facillitate offline use in any way at all. 

Attention #2 : there have been numerous posts by Samsung device owners related to the Offline function. Possibly there is a conflict between the Samsung Android skin and the latest update of Spotify app.


If you do have the slider switched to Offline, switch it off and see if this resolves the problem.



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