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Offline Mode is wonky as **bleep** with local files

Offline Mode is wonky as **bleep** with local files

I mostly wanted to post this to also vent my feelings towards the system to the staff/moderators - why is offline mode so wonky, convoluted, and flawed? Are there any plans to improve it? It's been like this since I first started my premium account at least a year ago, and if anything, it's gotten worse over time.


So, I have 3 devices I use spotify on - my windows 10 laptop, my windows 8 PC, and my android phone. I have a bunch of saved mp3s, like of songs i bought off of itunes, saved to my pc and laptop, and i want to listen to them on the same platform as my spotify saved songs, so i add them to my saved songs section via the local files - playlist - play/add on phone system. This works...sometimes. Usually, when i want to add a new song, one of the following happens:


- I add the song via phone, and it plays on my computers, but not on my phone, even though they're on the same wi-fi. very rarely will unplugging either computer's ethernet cord fix the problem in this situation.

- I'll add it just fine, but it'll seemingly disappear from my phone completely for unclear reasons and at random. This is the current problem. If I'm too far away from either computer or if I just shut down the app seems to be the root causes? But it's generally a hit-or-miss problem.

- My "favorite" problem, I'll open the local files and they just won't show up and/or will be deleted from the playlists they're in. There's no clear cause for this either, I just had this problem happen while I was trying to add new songs seemingly because I had the program open, closed it to reboot it and see if the phone would actually download the songs, and opened it back up, and, to my surprise, the song wasn't there. The only 50%+ fix for me is going to my settings, turning the specific filepath off, and then turning it back on again, and that usually works, but it's still an incredibly silly problem for the program to literally not have a song in its memory/database that it had less than 30 seconds ago.1


It's incredibly irritating to add a song I like from a band not on spotify to my account to play on my phone between classes or walknig to wherever, but then a month later at random, the song just won't play and can't be re-downloaded. The song actually being added to spotify and thus being changed only happened once and I have well over 40 songs on my lcaol files.


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