Offline Mode needs to be online for a moment

Offline Mode needs to be online for a moment


Hello, i am quite new to spotify and have since yesterday a problem with the downloaded songs in the offline mode on my android device (S3 mini).


I already cleared the cache, deinstalled spotify, deleted the /android/data/spotify folders and reinstalled it but i still got the problem.

Heres what happened:


1.) I downloaded the songs i want to listen to later in offline mode. In this case around 900.

2.) After the download i switch to offline mode.

3.) I exit spotify

4.) I start spotify in offline mode and it only shows a very few files as downloaded

5.) I turn the offline mode off: spotify suddenly recognizes the rest of my downloaded files.


Can someone tell me how i can fix this ?





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Hi. Unfortunately this is a known issue affecting some users. Spotify is collecting data in this thread so it's worth popping some details over there.


Thanks, i will repost my issues there.

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