Offline Playlist not available when offline


Offline Playlist not available when offline


Hey guys,


actually I'm a premium user and I downloaded my playlists lately.


Unfortunately, I'm not able to play these lists, when my device has no internet connection, although they are downloaded!


Sitting in the train back home every weekend the internet connection is miserable and therefore I bought premium to hear my music nevertheless. But loosing the internet connection my device (Galaxy S4) asks me to "Get more premium" and stops the music.


Using the mentioned button it says "You are premium member ..blablabla... bla.. next payment on 30/12/13.. ".


Can anybody help me? I'm not able to find my mistake..


Thanks in advance and sorry for my English - school is quite a long time ago 😉


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I was finally able to fix this, and it turned out to be a head scratcher
for tech support as well. What they ended up doing was closing my old
account and opening a new one. Once I did that, there wasn't an issue.
Also, I think it may have to do with the play store, namely if that is
where you get your premium subscription, that may be the issue. I switched
it over to paying Spotify directly, and now there is no issue.

Hope this helps

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