Offline files vanish


Offline files vanish


I have about a thousand files synced offline on my Android ( GS4 Sprint ), and almost every time I connect to wifi, Spotify has to re-sync a dozen or so songs. When I am traveling without internet access, I see more and more songs greyed out from my playlist as time goes on.


Spotify is saving the songs to my SD card, as opposed to the internal storage. So I tried different SD cards, and the same problem keeps happening. This happens with new and old songs in my different offline playlists.


Obviously it is a huge problem to randomly and repeatedly lose the songs I want to listen to without having internet access to re-download the songs.


I can't find anyone else posting about this, am I the only one? Is there a solution?



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Re: Offline files vanish

I am also having this problem. I have a Samsung S4 mini, and my files are also in SD Card. What the hell is going on?

Re: Offline files vanish

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Hi both, have you tried a clean reinstallation?


It will mean re-downloading your entire playlists, but is normally the best first try at fixing the issues. Make sure the SD card is installed and that it has more memory than your internal phone memory when installing the app to ensure the cache is created on the SD card.

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