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Offline play lists repeatedly erased

Offline play lists repeatedly erased

My offline play lists have been erased twice in the last two weeks. I have used Spotify premium for over two years with my offline play lists being erased a few times prior to this occurrence. I wasn't too concerned previously as I was in the UK and had access to a good Internet connection so would just re download. I am now based in Ghana so have to download over mobile Internet. The deleting of my play lists is now costing me a lot of time and money. I love Spotify but cannot afford to having to keep downloading!
I mainly use Spotify on my Android Samsung Galaxy S2. I do have the desktop version on a Windows and Linux laptop also but don't use these often.
Please help!
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Is this happening when you are online (just downloaded the playlist)? Or when you clicked the "Offline Mode" option in settings?

Hope this helped 🙂

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Hi. There's an open bug topic on this issue so it's worth posting full details there. 

Thanks, will check out the bug thread.

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