Offline saved songs list by artist

Offline saved songs list by artist






Moto g5

Operating System

Android 8.1.0


My Question or Issue

I recently had an update that changed the "your library" page on the app. It looks good and all but it just does not work. My biggest problem is that I can't shuffle songs that I saved from 1 specific artist, because if I click on an artist it goes to his/her page, and you need internet for that, which I don't always have. Of course I only save songs I like, so what if I only want to play those songs from an artist? I don't want to make a different playlist for every single artist I listen to. I'd like to hear the response to find out if this is a bug or something they "forgot" (once again). Plz test updates before releasing them.

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I got the same problem, and by the way, the artist list in the library seems to be only the artists I followed (previously all the artist of which I had saved songs). Help help, for me no spotify equals no music when offline...

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