Old Android Personal Equalizer - what happened?


Old Android Personal Equalizer - what happened?


Okay I know I'm not crazy and there has to be someone that remembers this.

now before I begin I have read that the spotify equalizer accesses the system equalizer and I may have only experienced this because I used to love rooting and using kitchen roms.


I believe this was in 2013 I remember getting the nexus 4 and perusing the spotify setting only to come across an equalizer that had me listen to tones of different frequencies and adjusted to what I could actually hear.


being that a car accident robbed me of a lot of hearing ability, this floored me because I havent heard clearer sound since.

if there is anyone that can direct me to what I am talking about or something similar I would greatly appreciate it.


I do not want a set of earbuds customized to me, I want an app or a program please.

Ive already tried browsing old android roms on xda and cant find anything that even remotely reminds me of it.


If someone could prove to me that this wasnt just some fever dream I'd really appreciate it 😛


thank you ❤️