Online features not working and failing to scrobble

Online features not working and failing to scrobble

when i try to go to home, browse, or my profile via spotify mobile, the screen in the attached screenshot is all i get, both when connected to my home wifi and my cell data. i am not in offline mode.

not only this, but spotify mobile has been failing to scrobble to for at least a week. i was a couple updates behind (i don't have auto update on as i've had far too many experiences with apps that worked suddenly no longer working after an update) and i figured this was probably the reason. so i updated spotify and it briefly showed the track i was currently playing on my page before ultimately not scrobbling it and no longer showing my now-playing after that track.

though i will if need be, i'd prefer not to uninstall and reinstall as i have 7 gbs of songs downloaded offline currently and it'll be no fun redownloading it after a reinstall.

last i checked still scrobbled from my desktop spotify app.
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update: the online pages go back and forth between working and showing the same error page as shown above. as i tested this on multiple connections and it still acted the same way, my connection is not responsible for this. picks up the first song i play every time i first start spotify, but doesn't log it permanently, only as now playing, and then doesn't pick up any songs after that.

...please help


Would be interested in the answer to this. I've just posted over in the forums, as something I have noticed is that when connect to wifi, my scrobbles appear in playing now. However, when I switch to mobile data (3g/4g) it doesn't scrobble.


Is this an issue with Spotify or I can't see why where the data comes from would affect the scrobbling component?  As far as I know this is not a device setting but am willing to be proved wrong.

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