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Option to DISABLE auto start spotify android app

Option to DISABLE auto start spotify android app






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out here. We appreciate the feedback and have passed it on to our developers.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a solution for this at the moment because the way the app behaves when connected to Bluetooth devices, including car stereo systems, varies based on the device involved. These actions are a result of how the specific Bluetooth device is designed to interact with the Spotify API. However, we’re constantly optimizing our app, so this behavior might change in future updates.


For now, we recommend checking for possible firmware updates  for your devices and if that doesn't help - to reach out to the manufacturer for further help with the Bluetooth configuration. 


Thanks for your understanding.

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2020 june. It still happens to me using tablet android

Did anybody ever get a resolution to this?  It drives me insane.  If I connect to any Bluetooth device (multiple headsets and 2 different vehicles) it automatically starts playing even if the app was closed.  I will force close the app but it will do it again after any call or text.  

Still waiting for this option. It's been over 9 months since I've been waiting for some resolve and nothing has come yet.

I've resorted to using spotify via the chrome browser just to stop the auto play from happening. I downloaded spotify last night and nothing has changed. I'll will be deleting again until there is some sort of fix.

Serious problem, caused me embaresment in meetings, im also interrupted by music IN THE MIDDLE OF PHONE CALL, just because i got or exited my car.

I get this issue and it drives me crazy.  I use Spotify to play a song as my alarm clock in the morning.  A piercing tune from the first note to wake me up.  Then every time I get in my car it blares from the speaker.  I close the app but it makes no difference.  Boom every time I start the engine!

Hey everybody,

Thanks posting here in the Community! We'll gladly help you out.

It's possible that some of the apps files have gotten corrupted and are causing the auto start of the app when connecting via Bluetooth to another device. It's a good idea to perform a clean reinstall using the steps here and afterwards reboot your device. You should also follow the instructions on this page and disconnect any third party apps, such as GPS and car systems, where the issue comes up. 


If that doesn't fix things, could you try it out with another account and let us know if that helps? You can create a free one here.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how it goes.  

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Your solution doesn't work. I just upgraded to a new phone and music starts blasting the second my phone connects to my car or my earbuds. This is a coding issue with your app most likely.

Nothing is working. I got a new phone three days ago so it's a new, clean install.  I have not used Spotify in over 24 hours and my phone has been restarted multiple times because it's been doing multiple updates.  I restart my phone, a few minutes later I start my vehicle, and my speakers immediately start playing a podcast on Spotify. 

Same issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, with Galaxy Buds Live or Aukey.

Whenever I put on my earphones, Spotify starts. 

It's 2020, issue still there since looooooong time. 

Is Spotify sleeping?

They've been losing access to my Japanese music, seems like artists are escaping them.

Also i noticed spotify playing tracks on my speakers when they're off... basically they're wasting money to appear as if more people playing music than actually.

Interesting message from @SpotifyCares on Twitter:


"We can confirm this is expected behavior, but we appreciate you giving our advice a try. Many Bluetooth headsets automatically send a play signal to a device when pairing, which may cause media apps to automatically start. If you need anything else, we're just a tweet away /TA"


I explained them that many users don't like this behaviour, and they should develop a setting to opt-out. They accepted to pass this suggestion to the developement team. (/TA and /KK)


Let's see in the next releases !

Same issue for me. Seems spotify doesnt care enough to fix it. Giving it till my premium sub ends to see if they are actually looking into it. If no feedback will go elsewhere. Quite a shame. Premium user for many years.

I reported same issue to Samsung, and I'm now using Anker Soundcore Life P2 earphones.

I'm not sure what was the reason, but so far the issue seems to be gone.


Which phone do you use? What earphones / device has the issue?

Maybe this info could help troubleshoot. 

Thanks for sharing. Im using my car audio. 

I listen to music loud sometimes when solo driving.

Nearly gave my mum a heart attack last week after taking a call on the car audio. Turns out she's not a fan of my music...

I see.. my best guess is that Samsung found a way to stop it on their devices, as they asked a lot of logs to understand the issue.

But I think Spotify should support as well.

We have the same f'n problem. Just trying to watch videos on the F1 app but after each video Spotify decides to blare music from the queue. Not only burning through songs but playing for no reason that you have to go into the app to pause or stop.


Spotify has got to be one THE buggiest "big name" apps out there. It's simply astounding. Fix this garbage 🤬🤬🤬🤬.

It's now 03DEC2020 as I type this. I've had the same phone for over two years now. I've done several restarts, clean uninstalls and reinstalls, messing with all the public options I have for the app as well as my phone settings themselves. Now my entire job is IT, I know how to do troubleshooting, I've done it all.


I've got a Galaxy Note 8. I've gone through three bluetooth headsets, two of which were different LG Tones, as well as both mine and my partners vehicles. The app will be completely closed, not allowed to play in the background, autoplay off, etc.


And when I get a text, hang up from a call(via car, bluetooth earpiece/headset, or via the button on the phone screen itself), even when I get a message on my work laptop, simply because my bluetooth headphones are connected to both, spotify will start playing, and not even be actively open. Starting with my car is one thing, I expect that. I could have a game open on my phone, and get one of the above things, and Spotify will still turn itself on. This has been going on for years across several phones, several bluetooth connections, and various connected apps like Google Maps. I shouldn't have to constantly be on the lookout for Spotify opening itself in the background and letting itself start music up. That's not fair to the user for what has been a very long, annoying issue(especially one that I'm pretty sure is a coding issue, and you guys just don't want to go back in the script and find the IF/AND/OR/BUT error there).


Fix this.

Same issue here, on Moto G6+ with Android 9. I have searched throughout all options, forced close of the application, and the suggestions here, and nothing. I am truly considering a change of application. 

How is it possible that this is still not fixed? How arrogant can Spotify be? Every time my car starts, Spotify starts playing! When I am in the house, and someone else starts my car, Spotify starts, without me noticing. This plays havoc with my podcasts. Also, when I start my car and listen to radio, Spotify also starts. PLEASE FIX! 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your posts on this thread.


This seems to be the expected behavior with Android devices and Bluetooth, and this depends on multiple factors rather than on Spotify itself. You can find more info about this in this article, along with a solution that might work for you.


We understand how this can be upsetting and we've made sure to pass this on to the right folks. However, since this isn't completely dependent on Spotify and it vary across devices, we can't commit to a timeline for when or if this will be fixed.


Hope this helps. If you need a hand with anything else, we'll be right here.



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