[PREMIUM] Problem downloading the best quality songs/albums/playlists

[PREMIUM] Problem downloading the best quality songs/albums/playlists

Hi. I have problem with offline musics' quality. To get the best quality (checked settings the best quality is on) I have to uninstall app, remove all Spotify files, install Spotify and redownload albums/songs again. After this I get songs with the best quality in offline mode.

Problem always occur when downloading new albums. If I want to download new albums/playlists with the best quality I have to do the exact steps.. every time.. to get the best quality.

Version: armV7
Phone: Huawei P9 (Android 6.0)
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Hi. As long as extreme quality is selected in spotify settings both for downloads and streaming, all downloads should be of the highest quality.


Because of the way spotify tries to save bandwidth, it is possible that streaming a song on a lower quality setting, then downloading it will result in a lower quality download as the song may be added from the cache so it's best to set the same quality for both downloads and streaming.


Hi Joe and thanks for answering!

I can select quality for stream and for downloaded songs. Streaming is set to automatic and downloaded songs is set to the best (my Spotify's user-interface is in other language so I'm not sure about how these settings are called in English).


In PC's Spotify there is only one setting for streaming and downloaded songs. But with Android for me it's strange if Spotify downloads songs in poor language even the setting is set to the best quality (downloaded songs setting).

- markus

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