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Pairing headphones with phone and computer

Pairing headphones with phone and computer

I have Dell Inspiration running on Windows 10, Beoplay Bluetooth headphones, and an Android phone. I can't get my headphones to pair with both the computer and computer at the same time. It says they're both paired but when I try to play music from my computer using Spotify, it plays out of laptop speakers? Any suggestions?

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you can only use the bluetooth function on one device at a time. for example, using your headphones, you can only pair them with one other device at once. you see bluetooth works alot like old fashioned radio frequency. the signal needs to zap its way into the other device. you literally need to have direct line fo sight for best results, since these bluetooth waves cannot get through walls or get around corners very well. think of how your tv remote needs to be pretty lined up with the little red spot on your tv to work right. that is the radio frequency zapping into the proper "hole" in the tv. bluetooth works along the same way. it can only zap one direction at once. if you are trying to set up a chain of devices so you can get audio in multiple rooms there are wifi capable speakers and probably headphones too but they are more expensive, because they do not have the same limitations as bluetooth. 

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