Phone Crashes when playing local files


Phone Crashes when playing local files

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Hello everybody,


I've got a really annoying issue with playing local files on my Huawei Y300. The Spotify app does play the local files, but whenever I put my phone on stand-by (just a black screen), and turn it back on, the phone crashes. This does NOT happen when I play "regular" Spotify tracks. I have had this issue for quite a long time, so any updates did not solve it. Neitherdid clearing the cache help, nor reinstalling the Spotify app. I've got this issue with ALL of my local files, so it isn't due to corrupted files or anything.
Could this be solved in the next update, or can I solve this myself?


As said, my phone is a Huawei Y300 (-0100). I'm running Android 4.1.1. (can't update to a higher version). I have also got the latest Spotify update.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!