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Phone ap not syncing a couple of songs

Phone ap not syncing a couple of songs

About a week ago my phone ap on my Samsung S7 grayed out two songs by the same artist and now won't play them (All of the other songs are fine). On the PC, they are still on my playlist and will play without issue. I have uninstalled the ap and reinstalled and no change, it simply won't re-add those two songs. Anyone have any suggestions?

3 Replies

Are the songs in Spotify's catalogue or are they files you have on your PC and added as local files?

They are from the Spotify collection. What I notice is that it doesn't appear that the album is available now. But, it's still accessible on the PC but not the phone ap. 

It's odd that they're available on one device but not the other. All I can think is that you have the tracks downloaded on your PC or the PC is using an IP address from a different country to your android. I know it sounds mad but, for example, some UK ISP's farm customers out to Estonia which can cause a lot of confusion.

You can point your PC to a site like IP Location Finder - Geolocation.

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