Play Spotify Only on zone 2 with Yamaha MusicCast


Play Spotify Only on zone 2 with Yamaha MusicCast


I borrow this question from the Yamha facebook support page(read below) because I have the exact same problem with the android Spotify App. So my question is if there is a solution to make Spotify Connect to recognice my Zone 2 on Yamha RX-V679 as a sepparate device so I dont have to turn off main zone each time I start playing. This is not a Yamaha problem according to Yamaha


Question by Geir:

"Question about musiccast and Zone 2 on the RX-V779. In the musiccast app I now have two zones, the yamaha receiver and the Zone 2 (which has speaker cables routet to a different room). If everything is turned off, and I only want to listen to zone 2 in the other room, selecting spotify and airplay on my iphone only displays one speaker available. This results in turning on both zone1 and zone2 simultaneously. Then I have to turn off zone1 via the app, or witch it back to HDMI if simeone was watching TV!!. This is especially annoying if someone is watching TV in zone 1. If I try to select speaker available in Spotify or Airplay, I end up turning both zones to play music from my phone, even if TV was playing on zone 1. I'm thinking there is a flaw in the software somewhere. The zone 2 need to show up as a additional individual speaker in the OS apps (Spotify/airplay)! Any enlightening information would greatly be appreciated."


Answer by Yamaha:

"Thanks for contacting Yamaha. This is actually a limitation of the Spotify Connect and Airplay software. They do not recognize multiple zones on a playback device. So if you select the "RX-V779" from Airplay or Spotify, the sound will be directed to the main zone, as you have experienced. You can then direct the sound to zone 2 and switch the main zone back to something else. Since this is a limitation of the Spotify and Airplay software, it would be up to Spotify and Apple to implement a solution."



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Re: Play Spotify Only on zone 2 with Yamaha MusicCast


Using Spotify Connect. I have the Yamaha RX-A2050 receiver with 2 zones setup, Main (TV - 5+1 speaker) and Zone 2 (Patio - 2 speaker). Using my android phone or ipod I use the Yamaha AV Controller app. In the app, select Zone, Zone 2, press the power icon then open Spotify, it's not perfect but it works. My problem now is I'll accidently select my device (Yamaha Receiver) when I use my android phone or ipod at a friends house miles away, it powers on my receiver at home.

Re: Play Spotify Only on zone 2 with Yamaha MusicCast


I have the same problem also... I have a Yamaha RXA-730, and want to use Spotify for Zone 2, but it always turns plays on Zone 1 as well, and annoys those who are inside.

I use zone 2 for outside.

Sounds like Yamaha is blaming Spotify, and vice versa, but if I don't find a solution soon, I will be forced to get a new receiver or music service.


Does anyone know of a work-around, or a certain sequence of events to not interrupt zone 1?


Thanks !!!!