Playback Error with Offline Mode (Spotify Premium)


Playback Error with Offline Mode (Spotify Premium)

Casual Listener

Howdy! Imma premium user of Spotify who loved to save my favorite songs into 'Your Music' library, rather than save them into a playlist, and using WiFi connection.


When I turned off the connection (both data usage and WiFi, or just switch the app into 'Offline Mode'), when I fresh start the app and play a selected song, the song just played for a while before it stopped. The song is only half played. I can't continue the song, and only just skip the current song. When I swipe back to the latest 'error' song I heard, the Spotify app can't replay the song. I thought the song was 'deleted' automatically so I can't replay it, even if it's already saved offline.


I don't know how this problem occur, but perhaps there's a bug of newest update of Spotify for Android. I have never experienced this before (with older updates). I hope the Spotify Core Team can nix this.


FYI, my Android device is Xiaomi Redmi 3S.