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Playback jumps when Huawei P9 Lite home buttons clicked

Playback jumps when Huawei P9 Lite home buttons clicked

When I hit one of either the triangle or circle 'home' buttons the playback skips ever so slightly. For some reason it doesn't happen with the square button.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi @shouldibedamned, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know the operating system and Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll see what we can suggest. 

Hi @Alealejandro
The OS is EMUI 4.1 / Android 6.0 and the Spotify version is

Thanks for replying, @shouldibedamned!


A soft reset should help with this. Just follow these short steps:


  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Tap Restart.
  3. Tap OK.

Let us know it goes.

I tried the soft reset but it didn't work I'm afraid.
I was thinking, the jumping I described is, on second thoughts a bit more like a pop or crackle... kind of like when a record player crackles but more electric. When listening with headphones it actually hurts my ears a bit. I had a pair of headphones once that were quite old and they kept putting out electrical kind of crackles very similar.
I have just checked whether it happens with Google play music and it does so will have to chase Huawei I think after all that... but thanks for your help!

Hey, try turning off any equalizer you may be running.

Thanks Joe
You know I think it might be Google launcher doing it. Just switched back to the standard Huawei launcher and it doesn't seem to happen. Guess I'm gonna have to choose between the crackle and Huawei's nasty launcher 😞

There are plenty of other launches you can try - I really like Nova myself.

Funny, I just downloaded that one! Will have a play later and see what's what!

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