Playback notification not showing


Playback notification not showing

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 I'll borrow from another post who has the same issue I'm having. 


1. Notification Playback does not appear on the lock screen or the notification pane.

After playing music for a few minutes, the playback controls in the notification (or in the lock screen) disappears. I can't skip songs unless I go back in the app itself. 


2. What is displayed on the screen loses sync with what's playing. Sometimes I will skip a song and the next song will begin but the cover art and song information on the screen will not update. This is usually accompanied by the seek bar being frozen at 0 seconds. Trying to manipulate the seek bar will skip back to 0 seconds on the currently playing song. This condition persists until the back button is pressed to go back to playlist/songs, upon which the info on screen will update.
The same thing will happen while skipping through songs from the playlist view using the small song display at the bottom of the screen.



Temporary workaround:

Clearing the RAM does resolve the issue, but after a few songs, the issue comes back.


Please assist. 

Thank you

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Re: Playback notification not showing


Hey there @Turkiation,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!


We're sorry to hear that you're having troubles with the app. Just to confirm, have you tried performing a clean reinstall ? 


If so, you can head here to add your +VOTE for the notifications not showing up, and here regarding any playback issues you're experiencing. Our tech folks are currently looking into this so make sure to keep an eye for any updates there. You can also leave a comment with the requested details if you wish.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Playback notification not showing

Casual Listener

I did do a clean reinstall, the problem remains. +VOTE done. Thanks for your help.