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Playback takes forever or doesn't work/freezes my phone

Playback takes forever or doesn't work/freezes my phone







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Andoroid 8 


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My library is hosted on an SD card which has good read write ability.

Spotify takes forever to play a song when I click on it or sometimes it randomly stops playing or skips/jitters.  A couple times I had it completely stop playing for like 30.min and then start again.  I think there's a memory leak because everytime I use the app it like freezes and my whole phone freezes up and slows to a crawl.  This only happens on the Spotify app

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I forgot to mention this happens very very often like multiple times a day it's kind of missing the point where I want to almost cancel my subscription and switch to Google or YouTube but I just like Spotify so much

Hey @johnprattchrist - help's here!

Do you mind trying a clean reinstall to see if that fixes the issue?

If that doesn't work, can you confirm that this happens only with the songs you've downloaded onto your SD card for offline listening, or does this happen with your entire library of songs?

Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

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