Playbacks stop on desktop client and continues on phone

Playbacks stop on desktop client and continues on phone


I've recently encountered a problem with what I assume is due to Spotify Connect: When I'm playing music from the Spotify Desktop Client on Windows, I'll randomly encounter, that playback (a) stops and continues on my phone or (b) continues playing but also plays on my phone. Usually the problem will occur when I start playback from having had it "disconnected" for a while, i.e. when the work day begins: I use Spotify on the phone during my commute, I pause playback (via my headset) when I get into work, I sit down at my PC and start Spotify, and (a) or (b) will happen. I have NOT encountered this while at home playing from my desktop PC.



My work-pc specifications:

Windows 7

Spotify Desktop Client ver.

Connected to the internet via ethernet


My phone specifications:

OnePlus 2 running Android 7.1.1 (LineageOS)

Spotify Client ver. armV7

Connected to the internet via 3G+ (H+)



I'm in an office environment, and I don't want to admit to my co-workers that I enjoy Taylor Swift! 😉 So, any bids? What might be causing this?

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This same thing has happened to me twice in the last week, in this sequence:

1. I'm listening to Spotify in my Windows 7 app

2. Randomly, at the beginning of a new song, the next song plays loudly on my Android mobile (Google Pixel)


I work in an office environment with dozens of people. Have my phone blast explicit rap music from my place of work is NOT COOL


Windows 7 Spotify app version:

Android Spotify app version: armV7


Hopefully a bump will give me some answers. Especially since - for some reason - you've decided to not include a function to disable Spotify Connect.

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