Playlist Shuffle issue - Premium Account


Playlist Shuffle issue - Premium Account

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I own an HTC One (M7). I'm a premium account holder who's been pretty happy with my Spotify subscription for a number of years now. I have  a couple of playlists I've compiled as well as a backlog of albums which I would listen to OFFLINE every day. I noticed a couple of days ago that it now shuffles EVERYTHING I listen to. Playlists, albums etc even when the SHUFFLE icon is OFF. I have tried everything. I've deleted the app twice and reloaded it but there's been no discernable change in behavior. I've checked the preferences and there's nothing set in there that could be responsible. Once again the SHUFFLE setting is set to OFF but it still shuffles, so please don't ask me if I've checked the shuffle button is off, or suggest that I should delete it a third time.

And whilst I'm here, the DOWNLOAD functionality to make playlists local is also not working well. Sometimes it downloads, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the OFFLINE switch will be set to ON (correctly), sometimes the OFFLNE switch will be mysteriously turned off. Sometimes it will download my own local files/podcast, sometimes it won't.

I'm guessing both issues are due to the latest update, going by the recent comments of some other users. As a paying customer I demand all these issues be repaired promptly otherwise I will do what all customers are free to do when they're dissatisfied with a service, and that's go to a competitor.

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Are you talking about Shuffle Play (the big reen button)... or playlist shuffle which is accessible from the Now Playing' screen?


It can be confusing, try opeining now playing and seeing if the shuffle button is enabled on the left hand side.

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