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Playlist no longer available with playable music.

Playlist no longer available with playable music.

I just resubbed my account today but after trying to get back on my mobile spotify every playlist is no greyed out saying track not available. Even if I go to Whats New, all the tracks are greyed out and are not able to be played. What do I do? Galaxy S2.

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Hi xuberant - I can confirm that the Premium upgrade went through this afternoon. 


What I recommend first is doing a clean installation of the app on your Galaxy S2. Once that's done, please sign in with your Facebook email address and password. 


1. In your phone, go to "Settings" » "Applications"» "Manage applications"
2. Choose Spotify
3. Press 'Clear Data' to erase the cache
4. Press Uninstall to remove the app
5. Restart your phone
6. Install Spotify once again through Google Play, or by visiting in your device's web browser

I have done as suggested by my playlist and everything associated with them is still showing up greyed out and non-playable. Any other ideas?

Ok this is weird...just for fun I downloaded and ran spotify on my computer and for whatever reason now my mobile application is working...crazy!@#%

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