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Playlist songs greyed out and not available

Playlist songs greyed out and not available

I have a Spotify Premium account and over the years have created a number of Playlists.  A number of my older playlists however are now greyed out, majority of songs in them are greyed out with others still available.  I have reset my phone, Samsung S8 multiple times, deleted cache, reinstalled etc, nothing helps.  The compueter web version is no better, the issue replicated on my Apple iPhone 5s.  Can you help me put my tracks where they belong please?



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Hey @Pengy6, welcome to the Community!


When tracks are grayed out, it means they're no longer available on Spotify. Sometimes, content gets removed due to licensing reasons, but hopefully we can have the tracks available again soon.


Hope that helps clear everything up.


Thank you, here's hoping . .. Jim

Hey @Pengy6.


No worries! We're always here to help. Keep in mind that you can also reach out to us through here.


Have an awesome day 🙂

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