Playlist will only refresh online


Playlist will only refresh online

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Hi there

sorry if you discussed this before but i didnt find anything on it. i have been using spotify since 3-4 years now but since 1 month i have an odd problem. so lets say i got 5 playlists, all downloaded offline:

playlist 1: 114 songs

playlist 2: 24 songs

playlist 3: 64 songs

playlist 4: 43 songs

playlist 5: 27 songs

now when im online with my phone (doesnt matter if its mobile data or wifi) i have these amount of songs in my playlist. when i open spotify offline, i have like 106 songs in playlist 1, 23 in playlist 2, 61 in playlist 3 and so on. when i add new songs to it, they wont appear if open up spotify offline. i can now go online (with spotify open) and after 10-15seconds all playlists are updated, you can actually see the numbers of songs go up.

i also cant really tell a timestamp when new added songs dont appear anymore. the 12 songs that are "missing" were added from 7th march 19 until now. there is one single song from 30 march 19 which appears offline, the rest does not.

any help?


im using spotify version and i recently updated it, no change

Android 7 but again, no problem until 4 weeks back.

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Re: Playlist will only refresh online

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no ideas?