Playlists not showing up


Playlists not showing up

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Running the latest version of Spotify on my G2 (running Gingerbread), and none of my playlists are showing up, except for my starred playlist. This occured after I reinstalled the app on my phone, because specific playlists weren't showing up, and now they're all gone. Similarly, I am receiving the "Could Not Synchronize Playlists. Retrying..." message on my Mac (running lion, latest update of Spotify, deleted the caches, and still get the error). This probably has something to do with the problem. Luckily everything shows up fine on my iPad!

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I have the exact same problem! Im a new costumer and have premium. None of my playlists are showing on my samsung galaxy tab or my HTC Desire HD. What do i do wrong?


Re: Playlists not showing up


Seriously... its been weeks and no one from Spotify has acknowledged this post?  I have playlists on my PC that aren't reflected on any of my mobile devices.  Its not that hard... fix it.