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Plays only a couple of seconds

Plays only a couple of seconds



For a week or so, I have had this problem (on Android). 


1: giani sicari (artist I have never heard of) plays one album, starts playing by itself, owerwrites my "orders" and the like. Its the same artist and one album all the time which makes it seem weird if it was someone else playing on my account. 


2: when I manage to play my own playlists, the track I choose only play a couple of seconds, then it goes down the que, plays a couple of seconds on the next track, then changed again and so forth. 


I have logged out everywere, I changed password and I reinstalled the app? 


Regards, johan


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Welcome to the Community.


Let's try by removing all device you've signed in by going here and clicking were it says "Sign out Everywhere". We'd recommend also updating your password to something super secure here.
Let us know if these help.

I did just that, as I wrote in the initial problem description? Thanks!

Hi again @Faderberg,


Apologies for our late reply. Has this still been happening for you? Is it still just occuring on Android for you after doing all those steps again?


We'd also suggest giving us a screenshot if you notice it happening still.


Keep us in the loop!

Partly... The Gina Sicari has stopped, but the app still only plays a couple of seconds (like 20 or so) before skipping to the next song, as before. This only happens on my android, and not on my PC. It is really, really anoying, and soon I will probably just give up on paying for spotify? Why bother when I cant listen to music?

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