Podcast Crashing [ANDROID]

Podcast Crashing [ANDROID]





 The Netherlands


Samsung Galaxy S9

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

Since the new update of spotify I have a issue while listening to podcasts. I listen to the 'No sleep podcast' and when I start an episode the application will close itself in about 10 seconds (it crashes). This does not happen when I play music. I already reinstalled the spotify app but the problem is still here. Any ideas how i can fix this or is this a known issue? (I couldn't find anything online about it, but maybe I've missed it)


EDIT: Since the new update today it worked again. Let's hope this stays this way


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Same happening to me as of nov 20, 2018. I play A way with Words podcast, I turn off the screen, the app crashes. Same if I only press the home button. Playing regular music, everything seems like working ok. Spotify for Android version on an Note 9. 


Same thing here.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Android 7.1.1



Crashes when I'm playing Joven Nerd's podcasts and:

- Press the home button.

- Lock the phone.

- Press the return/advance 15 seconds.

- Pick a specific moment in the time line.


Such a waste of time this app... the stuck "Connecting to spotify" message, randon crashes...


I'm having a very similar problem in 2020! For a specific podcast (Sleep With Me) the app immediately crashes when it is clicked. Not even to play it, just to open it's profile! This only happens with this podcast.

Same issue after Android 10 update, Samsung Note9


Hello there @DannyPN80 and @dare1100,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Just wanted to let you know that Spotify is aware of this issue and is currently looking into things. If you're still experiencing this, it'd be great if you could add your +VOTE to this ongoing issue and make sure to leave all the relevant information requested in the Status Update, so that the right folks can get to the bottom of this.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies 🙂

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I'm experiencing this since yesterday. When I'm about to listen in Views podcast, the app freezes and after a few seconds, it crashes and it really is frustrating. 


I already cleared the data then uninstall the app then reinstall. I also reset my phone but it still crashes. Please fix this. 

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