Podcast, explore and search not working

Podcast, explore and search not working






(LG G3 Stylus)

Operating System

(Android Lollipop 5.0.2.)


My Question or Issue

Explore, Podcast, and Search Tab are not working. The oflfline option is obviously deactivated and all data usage options are active for spotify. And my Mobile data is working right (i'm writing this and downloading an app from the play store right now. But spotify still dont working well.


Spotify works mm normally, it doesn't say that i'm offline. The Home Tab is working well and all the suggestions and spotify playlists are right there but the other thabs that i mention (search, explore and podcast) dont work, like if i was offline, when i want to search or explore, the "Something is not working" advice is just in the Middle of the Tab i can't do anything.


It was working fine just a few weeks ago. In this same Phone and op. System but suddenly it doesn't work any more. 


I already deleted all spotify app cache and data and start te app over again like nee(still the same).


Already uninstalled and instales again (still the problem)


Already wipe dalvik and all cache of the Mobile Phone (still the same)


And finally... I wipe all data and factor y rest and STILL THE SAME PROBLEM. 


And i have to mention that i have this problem. With my Mobile data and with wifi too. But sometimes like 1 on a 100 try it works with the wifi but never with Mobile data. When it was working perfectly all this time.


Hope some one have an answer or know something about it. 


If you know that this is for the last update Please let me know.


And the last thing. My device is rooted and i use Xposed too. But i repeat it have been working perfect all this time till now. 


Thanks for reading me and i hope some one can help. 


Have a great day

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