Possible Bugs: Track Data not updating via AVRCP or Lockscreen (sometimes)


Possible Bugs: Track Data not updating via AVRCP or Lockscreen (sometimes)

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Android Version: 4.4.1


Can someone else confirm if they've noticed this?


On the lockscreen or on a bluetooth receiver using AVRCP the currently playing track data is displayed. Sometimes when the track changes this metadata does not update. On Bluetooth the track data just remains as the previous currently playing (skipping again corrects to the 'now playing' data... on the lockscreen I've noticed the artwork will show correctly, but the actal track data is frozen to the previous track. Again, skipping track will correct.

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Bearing in mind that spotify doesn't officially support AVRCP I'm not sure that anything connected with it would be classed as a bug by them. I haven't noticed the lockscreen not updating but then I tend not to look at the device when I'm listening to music. I'll be on the lookout now though 🙂