Premium features on Android not working


Premium features on Android not working


I own a premium account so I guess I can download music on my device and hear it whitout Internet connection. The fact is that if I open Spotify without connection, it does not show my music or playlist (previously downloaded), sometimes it crashes until I have connectivity.


Today I was listening music in the subway, so I lost 4G connection, and Spotify logged me out. I can't pay for a full subscription if it won't works.

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Re: Premium features on Android not working


Hey, @juanm86. Welcome to the Spotify Community!

I agree with you that you can download music for offline use when you subscribe to Premium, and it looks like you were able to sync them.


Here's what I would suggest (this was taken from Offline troubleshooting in Spotify's support page):


First, check the download status. Successfully downloaded tracks (on mobile) and playlists (on desktop) should have the green downloaded icon (

) next to them.

  • If they don't, or if the arrow is gray, we’d recommend checking the 'Music is not downloading' steps in the link, and redownloading.
  • If they do, try switching to Offline mode within the app’s Settings, or switching off your device's internet access. This ensures that the app doesn’t try to connect to any available networks which can affect playback.

If this doesn’t help, I would recommend reinstalling the app. Usually, that works, but let me know if this isn't the case. 





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