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Problem playing songs on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Problem playing songs on Samsung Galaxy Watch






Samsung Galaxy Watch

Operating System



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The problem I have is that I downloaded a playlist on my smartwatch so I can listen to it offline while I am at the gym. On the app it shows that it is downloaded (that green icon) but when I try to play a song it won't play or it will play another song and just that song. I won't be able to change  the song because it is like no other songs are available offline (which they are as the have the green downloaded icon on the side).


Any ideas on why this is happening and how I can fix it? It is very frustrating.


I downloaded the playlist  following these steps:

I completetly disconnected it from my phone

Set the app on streaming through wifi 

downloaded the playlist




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Same problem here. I'd discovered this: connect watch to wifi and start playing downlosded songs. Then disconnect wifi. It should continue playng afterwards and you can stop, skip etc. I know it's hardly a solution(what if you have no access to wifi when you need it) but you can do it before going to gym.

Great explanations but once songs are downloaded the won't play when I am not connected to the WiFi. 

I apologize, I just signed up to this community and answered the wrong post. 


I am facing the same problem. 

yes i have the same problem

set my galaxy watch offline / shuffle play but it play 1 song and then STOP


I would like that spotify staff resolve this BIG ISSUE!!!

I have been able to make it work. Here is what I did. 1. Uninstalled the Spotify app from my watch 2. Made sure to sync watch with phone 3. Reinstalled Spotify app on watch 4. Made sure to sync watch with phone 5. Disconnected watch from phone (set phone to airplane mode) 6. Connect watch with WiFi 7. Login to Spotify 8. Using the Spotify app, find a playlist I want to download on my watch. Toggle on the "Downloaded" button for the playlist. 9. Once the download is complete, went to Spotify setting and chose Playback =Standalone and Offline =On 10. I am able to listen to the downloaded playlist without being on WiFi I hope this is helpful. I am not a Spotify Rep or a Samsung employee and I am just trying to help. Erik

Thanks Erik, that saved my life with the missus! Legend!

To install Spotify on your Samsung smart watch in a country outside the USA, do the following:
Turn off the phone
Remove your simcard
Turn it back on again

Turn off the bluetooth
Clear cache/data of "Samsung Apps"

Download a VPN and chose USA using wifi (Hola VPN for exemple from the Play Store)
Run Samsung Apps

Search Spotify

Turn on the bluetooth and connect the watch and download it.

Eric Eric, you are a legend mate, thanks so much ❤️

Erik, thank you for this. Still very useful in late 2020.

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