Radio Stations on Android turned into playlists!


Radio Stations on Android turned into playlists!

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As of the last update on both my Android devices the Radio Stations have turned into playlists(!!!)

This is obviously not a normal bug but someone was asleep on the job: When I look at my radio station it looks like a normal playlist, but with the text "play radio" instead of "Shuffle" in the green button, and all songs (and only abiut 20 songs, too!) are played in a fixed order. It can't even shuffle.

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Yes, I think this is a significant deterioration of service as it is now essentially impossible to create a constant stream of music without having to interact with the app every now and then, bummer. I reported this issue in a bug report but it did not seem to get enough attention: I just reposted the issue at and ask people who also have this problem to state this in the bug to signal that they are also affected.




Re: Radio Stations on Android turned into playlists!

This redesign blunder also affect me, as it would anyone who uses the radio function. I can't fathom how nobody else seems to be complaining about this.

Radio by definition should continue playing until you ask it to stop. Spotify should either make sure continues play is possible without intervention from the user every 20 minutes, or rename the feature something other than radio. Hazardous when you're driving to have to restart play on Spotify every +-20 minutes, so basically not a usable function in this situation.