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Radio autoplay when playlists end


Radio autoplay when playlists end

For the past few days, whenever I get to the end of a playlist or album, instead of simply ending, it will begin playing a radio station based of the playlist I just listened to. Is this a glitch or a new feature, and either way how do I get it to stop? I make playlists in order to have a specific set of songs, the exact opposite reason one listens to radio, which is a random and new set of songs.
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I'm seeing the same problem with my Android app:

  • Phone: Moto G 3rd Gen
  • OS: Android 6.0
  • Spotify app version: armV7
  • Location: United Kingdom

Steps to reproduce:


  1. Go to Your Library
  2. Play a playlist or an album all the way through

Actual behaviour:


After the last track has finished playing, another, unexpected (not on the album or playlist) track starts.




Playback stops after the last track on the album or playlist has finished playing.

Only tracks on the specific album or playlist play.




  • According to the Now Playing screen, this is "Playlist radio based on <playlist name>" (the playlist I just listened to), or "Album radio based on <album name>" (album I listened to)
  • I'm also seeing the "This song is not available" error pop up here or there, although when I'm playing an album or playlist, the tracks play OK regardless of this error; when changing to radio, it skips over some tracks though (although they can also be played OK when I go back to them via the playback history)


This bug annoys me because I try to play downloaded albums and playlists only, and not stream via my mobile network; yet the radio statio tracks that start playing are being streamed, which is what I want to avoid.


Cheers for looking into this. Please let me know if you need further details.

I have the same problem!
Samsung S 3 Neo, Android 4.4.2, spotify armV7, germany
Please fix this - it's so annoying!

Is anyone from Spotify still here who reads this posts and is searching for a solution or can give an explanation?
Please Spotify, come out and don't let the community/(paying) users do all the customer service for you.

If you are reading older posts in this community, some users asked for an option (!) to automatically start radio at end of queue (album or playlist).
Seems, that Spotify did it now, but not as an switchable option but a forced function. Very uncool...

I'm also having playlist radio randomly playing a few minutes after I have paused a playlist.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. I live in the US.

The radio station is based on the playlist that I paused. I am pausing the station, by the way, by unplugging my headphone cable. I'm not pausing manually. That may not matter, but I figured I'd mention it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 and I'm so annoyed. The darn radio comes on and it won't stop after an album or playlist. Someone help. Please.

Finally! This "feature" seems to have been turned of in the latest update.

Thanks Spotify for getting on it! This seems no longer to be an issue, and I can happily listen to my playlist again! 🙂

This happened to me, it happens especially when you get Spotify premium while the app is still open. Just log off and log back in, delete and redownload Spotify, or close the tab. These should work.

I am having this same issue. I do not want to listen to the playlist radio after the last song on the playlist completes. I just want the playlist to be finished and stop. I have a samsung galaxy as well. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app. From what I can see in the comments people say it was fixed with an update months ago. Yet here I am. Latest version installed and a fresh reinstall and I still have this very annoying problem.


**** update****

I have found my problem and decided to edit this post to help others as it was not explicitly listed in the comments or part of the solution.

On your phone only (these settings not available through desktop app) hit the Settings button (gear icon top right in the "Your Library" section of the andriod app) scroll down and under the Playback section the last option says "Autoplay" which was apparently turned on by default with my last update as I did not select that option. Slide the autoplay button to the off position.

This has now corrected my problem of the playlist radio automatically starting after the last song on my playlist is finished.

Hope this helps!


I do not have the "autoplay" slider option under playback in the settings
(but I haven't had this problem since a few updates ago anyway).

Android 6.0.1/Samsung Galaxy S6/Spotify

Unfortunately, I signed up for premium and it started playing songs not on my Playlist. Which defeats the whole purpose of creating a Playlist. I'm so annoyed I want to cry. Mainly because I can't throw out my phone in response. I don't think it's worth paying money for of you can't create your own list.

Thanks so much for finding the solution. It was driving me crazy. I use my playlists when I teach fitness classes. I was stressing out wondering why this all of a sudden happned today. 

Thanks again for the fix!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you soooo much for this solution!!!

this is fairly typical Spotify development - introduce a new feature, but don't document it anywhere.


this feature was actually requested here:


and Spotify rejected the idea.  A year later they've introduced it without telling anyone.  It would be nice if they actually put some release notes on new versions rather than the lazy "we're always introducing new features" blurb that's on the Google Play Store page.

Initially, I was surprised they turned this new feature on by default but I now see that, if they hadn't done so, we wouldn't have known it existed unless we spotted the new autoplay option in settings.

it would be nice if they also introduced "add to end of queue" (an idea they've also rejected, despite a lot of demand).

I think my app fell into a weird state where anytime I move onto the next song, a random song from a radio station plays. I checked my radio stations and there is nothing there. I re-installed the app and the issue went away, but came back a day later. Only seems to happen on iOS.


1) Go to Album (for example, Marteria Chapter.One by Cosmic Gate)

2) Click on a song, then click next

3) Random song plays from a radio station (similar type of music)


Unless I queue songs up, this happens everytime.


iPhone 7P - iOS 10.2.1

Spotify Version



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