Radio interface on playlists


Radio interface on playlists

Casual Listener

Hi. This is hard to explain, so I could'nt google the solution. I've recently got a new phone (Moto E4, Android 7.1.1, Spotify armV7) and I have Spotify premium, family plan. When I try to play one of my private playlists I get the radio interface, with the "heart" and "forbidden" symbols instead of shuffle, repeat, etc. When I click the "forbidden" the app shuts down, and a couple of times the interface was fixed after doing that, but it doesn't happen anymore. Also it lets me download playlists, but when I use it in offline mode I can only shuffle the playlists, it doesn't let me choose any specific song.


In the attached screenshot you can see how I get the wrong interface in my Starred playlist. This happens with every playlist.


Please tell me this is a bug and not a change in how Spotify works.