Random play on filtered playlist negates filter


Random play on filtered playlist negates filter

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This is on Android Pixel XL, Android O, latest app version as of Sept 21, 2018.


This has been happening for at least a few months, and been increasingly frustrating for me. I often filter my "Starred" playlist (say, to listen to only the songs by an artist that I've "starred"), and then want to listen to this collection on random, for all the reasons anyone ever listens to a playlist on random. 


One would expect this to work just fine, but on mobile (Android anyway), the filter seemingly disappears after listening to the first song -- it's as though I'm again listening to the *entire playlist* on random, even though the filter *appears* to be in place. If I listen to the songs in order with the filter, however, it stays in place. 


Please help! I'm nearly certain this must be a bug; I haven't tried lately, but I think this works fine on the Mac OS player, at least. 



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Re: Random play on filtered playlist negates filter


Hey @thisrunson.


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Community :)

Starred playlists no longer exist on Spotify - are you referring to an old Starred playlist that you created a while back?


We see what you mean regarding not being able to play the songs in shuffle mode after the filter is applied, however we are not able to reproduce the ability to play the songs in order (they play in the order in which they appear in the playlist as if it were without a filter). The filter shouldn't have an impact on the way the songs are played - this is expected behaviour.


To remedy this, would you mind trying out these troubleshooting steps? Could you also see if this is happening on any other devices? 


Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Take care,



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