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Recently Played Section Problem

Recently Played Section Problem

I don't know if it happens only to me or it is a common feature of recently played section on android platform. The problem is: When I tap on some recently played album or artist, I can only see my saved songs of that album or artist(if there are any on my saved songs, if not this problem doesn't occur). I don't  know why I can't just see all the songs of the album or the regular page of the artist that I selected.


Yes, there are ways to go to artist's page but it takes more than one moves, it is a little bit annoying in my opinion. And about selecting albums: the only way to see the full album is to play one from your saved songs, swap the song upwards from the bottom, go to the three dotted options and tap on "go to album". This is actually way more than " a little bit annoying", it's totally annoying.


For example; Here is my recently played section and there is the album "Happiness" by Sebastien Schuller just at the bottom.




If I select that album only songs that I can see are the one that I saved before(in this case the song "Weeping Willow")




And if I tap on the three dotted options to the right of the song, there is no option for going to full album.



I wonder if this is a problem for the other user, I am really curious about your opinions.

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I have the same issue. It's really annoying, I end up just not using the recently played section and manually searching.

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