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Rediculously repepetive and irrelevant ad(s)

Rediculously repepetive and irrelevant ad(s)

Hey Spotify,

I dont mind ads since I am not using premium version but I am CONSTANTLY hearing this opiod addiction ad. I am about to punch this screen hoping to stop that guy from talking about his prescription additction problem. Again, I dont mind ads but I seriously hear this guy 4-5x within an hour. It has been going on for days. I also get ads about baldness over and over again. I am not bald, not balding, do not have any drug problems, never have, did, or will. PLEASE PLEASE stop that ad!!!! I cant take it anymore. Sorry for the rant. This was day 3 or 4 of this repepetive ad and I couldnt control my fingers because of it for the past 2 minutes. 🙂


Thanks for your help!


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