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I know this topic has been discussed to death, but no action ever takes place. So one more time, I'm going to add to that list and ask if we can we get a way to remove or hide podcast recommendations from the home screen, please.


I listened to one episode of two podcasts and how my home page has them sitting there tormenting me for months. I am even notified of new episodes even though I don't follow/subscribe to either of them.


Spotify is a good music streaming app, but a sub-par Podcast app and I made the mistake and it wont leave me alone. I just need a way to hide or remove these podcasts from my home page as it's driving me crazy.


In saying that, there needs to be more options to clean up your home page feed, even remove recommendations for albums or artists.

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Oh man yes. You listen to one amusing podcast and Spotify goes "So you like comedy?! Here's every unfunny tool with a 'comedy' podcast, at the top of your home screen! You're welcome!" 😑

Also if we could remove the filler podcast rubbish from Daily Drive that would be great, but that's a whole other issue.


Hey there folks,


Thank you for your feedback here in the Community.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to improve our features.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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There's a massive thread about this subject and its in regards to being able to hide the Joe Rogan podcast.  It seems lots of people are constantly seeing it pop up, but Spotify won't do anything about it.


Spotify is becoming total garbage. They silently dropped support for in-car head unit's to try and push sales of their useless "Car Thing"


Joe Rogan isn't really the issue here, although I understand where people are coming from. The issue is that I listened to one episode of a podcast and even though I don't follow or subscribe to it, I get notified about new episodes. I don't mind having podcasts recommended to me in my home page (but an option to remove unsuitable ones would be good), I just don't want to keep being notified of new episodes of stuff I don't follow.


Also, whoever came up with the idea of playing the next episode after the one you were listening to need their head examined.


At least car mode can be turned off. Whats more annoying is not being able to sort your playlist in Android Auto. It's just one sort mode only and does not reflect how its sorted on the mobile app. A nightmare to browse through.


I need to get Ben Shapiro's stupid face off my homepage


I am just trying Spotify coming from Youtube Music and read threads about this issue that has apprently been going on for years now. This is already bothering me so much, I do not care for podcasts, I want an experience tailored for me not for Spotify's own profits. I will be cancelling my subscription and going back to Youtube Music because I can already assume it is not going to be fixed.


Hi there,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


As mentioned above - we're always striving to improve and we always want all of our users to have the best Spotify experience as possible.


There's actually an idea here. We recommend that you head over to it and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread so that you don't miss any updates about this.


Take care!



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Spotify surely is aware about this issue. It’s like they want us to listen to podcast instead of music. Also there is a option to choose between podcast and music on “MY Music” section but not on homepage.



**bleep** SAME bro I have had this stupid podcast my dumb guy friend played on my acc since I left my phone unlocked, it’s called “asmr daddy” or smthing and I find things like that extremely anxious and scary to see (private reasons) and it won’t go away so I keep adding podcast every week or so to hide the damn thing Spotify fix this damn mistake or I might just leave the app or make a new acc .. what I am paying this app for ?!


this is not a solution and should not have been presented as such. surely there is a way to get these off my page. I miss the music... I do like certain podcasts but I don't need to have them keep popping up... I don't want these... please help Spotify



Why would you link users to a thread that was marked "Not Right Now" two years ago? This clearly is not something that is being recognized as a priority by the team, and redirecting people to a message saying "we don't intend to work on this" is just a passive aggressive way of telling someone to go away. 


I dont pay for this premium service to get spammed with Podcast suggestions in my homepage with things I'm not interested, moving to Youtube Premiun, good luck with that acttitude of ignoring customer suggestions.

Hey Spotify, this issue has been around for years & getting worse. At this point, as a paid user, I am cancelling my account as this is downright unacceptable & disrespectful.  The idea that you think it's ok to display content on my very home page which does not reflect my likes / beliefs / values  with no way to edit it is simply UX suicide for your platform.  THIS IS NOT A NICE TO HAVE, IT'S A DEAL BREAKER. thanks


Yeah, I'm not usually one to write reviews or participate in forums, but this has just gotten out of hand. Granted, Spotify has a significant edge when it comes to music recommendation algorithms--much better than most of their competitors. But it seems that they've taken this so seriously that now they think they can tell us what we want to hear rather than allowing user input to determine content (which is what allowed their platform to become so successful in the first place). Sure, lots of users are open to suggestions and willing to explore new music and podcasts based on Spotify's recommendations--I certainly am. But that doesn't mean that we're brainless automatons that will just click any **bleep** thing you put in front of us.


Allowing users to determine, even on a superficial level (like a customizable home screen, for example), some parts of the UX is becoming an increasingly urgent requirement for a platform like Spotify. They've clearly sunk a lot of capital into podcast content and are pushing hard for their ROI. But like a lot of posters in this thread have pointed out, many of the podcasts that Spotify pushes are either antithetical to their beliefs and values or, in some cases, even offensive or triggering. This is not only inconsiderate on Spotify's part, but downright harmful.


There are too many streaming options available now for a big corporation like Spotify to think it can push its overt and inappropriate advertisements on paying users. Apple Music offers much better streaming quality and no podcasts. I'm ready to jump ship.

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