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Remove top podcasts suggestions

Remove top podcasts suggestions

Smack dab in the middle of the homescreen is "Your Top Podcasts". It seems to list any podcasts unrelated to what you actually listen to. The suggestions are often inappropriate and embarassing. 

This issue has been brought up countless times in the past year. Nothing has been implemented to address this problem. I'm beginning to think that it is not due to an inability to implement an option to "hide" suggestions, but instead Spotify is being paid to advertise these podcasts. So tough luck. 


This is ridiculous. Fix this sht or lose your patrons.

97 Replies

The arrogance with which Spotify chooses to force this Podcast bulls**t on paying customers leaves only one conclusion: They don't need the money from customers. Well. Let me close my account then and move to some other streaming service that actually offers music only to people who want music only.

Same. Never listen to podcasts, don't want them suggested, and certainly don't want them to be right at the top. Please give us the option to disable this section.

Spotify forces absolutely inapropriate content to be shown at the start page. Hey guys, how do you explain, this to your wife??? :




I am trying to avoid the Woke madness and not getting wound up, smack bang in my home page Woke podcasts and I cannot turn it off! I do not listen to podcasts and do not want my entertainment invaded by these loons!


How hard is to have a check box to remove podcasts from your Home Screen?


Time to cancel Spotify and go to Apple, not sure what the agenda is here pushing this nonsense on people?! 

Hi there folks,


Thank you for all of your feedback in this thread.


As for now, we suggest that you leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the ideas that's been provided in this thread for any updates regarding this.


You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.


Take care!

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Just started a Premium trial.

Trying to clean up the interface, and can't believe it's impossible to keep **bleep** off my home page. 

Suggestions are fine, discovery is something I'm looking for in a music service.

But I've tasted the Joe Rogan experience, not interested in repeating it. No, never.

If your algorithm is too stupid to learn that about me, then at least provide some way to configure it.

A couple of hours on this service, much of it in forums and help menus, and I'm getting the feeling that it's not really about subscriber interests. Looks like I may be wasting my time. 

Maybe  Deezer, or Tidal, or Apple, or Amazon, or SoundCloud, or BandCamp, or...

How is this topic marked as "solved"?

Fix this crêpe please!!!!!!

Screenshot 2022-01-03 161939.png

I really hate the glib tone of the moderators on here. "Hi folks", "take care", it sounds so insincere and patronising while not dealing with the issue raised at all


So cringy. My disgust with this company is reaching new levels constantly   

Just let us turn podcasts off. Or at the VERY least "Episodes For You". I am sick of seeing Jordan Peterson's idiotic smug face every time I open Spotify, I can't escape it other than to cancel my subscription, which I am strongly considering. This is an anti-user feature, aka a dark design pattern, and you guys are being dipshits. End of story.

Changing to Deezer next week. Shame on you Spotify. Never gave us an option to delete/hide podcasts and reject any way to do this. Used Spificy for a while to remove podcasts, but now it doesnt work anymore. I have EXPLICIT podcasts called for example "¡HOW GOOD YOU **bleep**!" on my principal screen on both pc and phone including a **bleep** actress.

there is no solution stop saying there is!!!!!!!

I think I have found a solution. I went and searched podcasts that I could possibly be interested in even though I don't listen to them. Once there was a few that I liked I clicked subscribe. I did this to about 5 podcasts, and once I closed the app and re-started it the suggestion for the previous podcasts were gone. I will see in time whether the come back or not. 

I'm going to cancel subscription, I really hate the podcast section that shows podcasts that are of no interest to me, and actually shows embarrassing topics with sexual content, vulgar language, etc I just can't open spotify at work because those embarrassing topics, are displayed in fullscreen, I can't even open spotify in the car without my little kids asking about the sexual content being shown.


This is VERY annoying

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 5.14.16 PM.png

This problem is not solved you troglodytes at spotify, if anything you made it worse, now go jump off that building you work inside of and fix our god damn music you spineless assholes.

I'm going to cancel my Podcastify subscription after 4 years, they don't care that no one enjoys pod casts, they only want to line their pockets with as many pennies possible. 

YouTube music will suffice, or I'll try Tidal's hifi service

I really can't believe how **bleep**ed the folks at Spotify are, ever since they added podcasts the community has had issues with it 

I have canceled my spotify subscription purely out of spite due to this issue, there's no reason that it should be this much of a hassle to have you move non-music content to at least below the fold in an app that most of us use for music.

Also the pointing us to an issue that is marked as not happening doesn't inspire confidence spotify.

How does one subscribe to podcasts?? 😕

I have a podcaster that i simply HATE!!!!

I DON'T WANT to have that thing on my home screen every time i open the App!!!

Must i quit Spotify???

Why is Spotify recommending podcasters that mean NOTHING to me, and i cannot REMOVE!?!!?


Cheers to Spotify for showing competitors' podcasts to me each time I log in. You've successfully linked your web-based platform with a negative emotional response. If I could hide the section or the offending podcast(s) this would absolutely make going to the platform a more positive experience.


i am being recommended "tankie" (marxist-leninist) podcasts with members accused of sexual assault, wth is this

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