Removing an offline device


Removing an offline device

I have only one online/offline device that a use to enjoy Spotify.
In my list of offline devices there are three of them. Obviously they are the same device, my Android, in different update times.
1) My question is, would I lose all my downloaded music from my cellphone if I removed the two older updates? (i know i could discover it myself by doing it, but i really don't want to re-sync).

2) And, is giving permission to and musixmatch knowing what I'm listening to, the same thing as getting another two offline devices?
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Hi @jorgecueto16 and welcome to the community!


1) As far as I know you can delete your older devices (click here). So make sure you leave the device, tagged with the latest date! ( But only do that if you use Spotify offline only on one device)


2) A short and simple no! :)


I hope I could help you and I told you the right to delete so you don't have to re-sync everything.

Let me know if you need further help by replying here.


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