SD card error messages -Android Tablet


SD card error messages -Android Tablet


I was hoping someone could,d help me I recently had an irulu tablet for my birthday I downloaded spotify and registered for premium, its been working fine for ages until tonight I had a error message pop up saying that its unable to find an sdcard so can't save any information anywhere. I googled it and tried clearing the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting spotify files on the time manager, I've even done a hard reset and it still come up with the same message I've also tried putting a new SD card in and still no luck I'm starting to think it may have something to do with my tablet now as screenshots aren't saving :/

If anyone has any tips or advice for me I would be gratefulim getting pretty annoyed with it now :(

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Re: SD card error messages -Android Tablet

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Try a quality SD card to see if that works. The cheaper unkown brand SD cards tend to cause problems on mobile devices.