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SD location directory listed in App is NOT my SD card storage

SD location directory listed in App is NOT my SD card storage

I've been trying to figure out why I ahven't been able to save onto my SD card. I've had it selected, I've done clean deletions and reinstalls, I've given storage permissions, double checked sd storage type, etc etc... still, it has always saved onto internal storage even though the app seemed to think otherwise.


Then I took a look at the location that the App was giving as the SD location and it said /storage/0000-0000

Looking at that directory it's obvious that it's an internal storage directory. My external SD directory is /sdcard


So, how do I specify exactly where Spotify needs to save? What gives here?

3 Replies

What device and android version are you using?

Galaxy S7, Android 7

On my S8, spotify shows the same 0000-0000 location but the cache is definitely on my SD card. I guess that's just the way the SD card identifies itself to apps.

Rather than assuming tha spotify isn't using the SD card, have you tried checking this using the stock file manager? Check out the size of the folder ~android>data> on both internal storage and the SD card.

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