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Same set of songs plays every day. Did I break Spotify?

Same set of songs plays every day. Did I break Spotify?

I listen to Spotify on an Amazon Fire while I am at work. I usually listen for a few hours per work day. For at least a few weeks, but maybe longer, I have been subjected to the same songs over and over and over day after day. I have had Spotify set to shuffle with no repeat setting (changed just now and hoping for a difference). I have been hearing the same songs every day at work. If I hear "I Fall To Pieces" by Patsy Cline or "Clan In Da Front" by Wu-Tang Clan one more time I am going to have to remove those songs from my music library. They're great songs! I don't want to have to do that!


Today at work I listened longer than normal and the songs repeated in, what I believe was, the same exact order. It was only about four hours later, including time I paused so actually much less than that. It's daily that I hear these same songs. "Fool's Paradise" by XYLO, "Haven't Seen For  A While" by Pat McGee Band, Young MC, Eminem, Imagine Dragons, Sarah Jarosz, Huey Lewis and the News, etc. Every single day!


This is especially frustrating because I have 4,500 songs in my list. That's more than 290 solid hours of music. Why am I repeating the same exact songs all day, day after day? I know that 4,500 is a big number. Am I breaking Spotify's shuffle feature? The songs have drifted over the past few weeks (for example I just added XYLO three days ago). In other words, some songs get added to my repeating list and some drop off, but the trend is that day after day I get served the same songs with a little extra variety mixed in.

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@carlcanyon hey there carl, weird one,


  • first i'd suggest you uninstall the app, restart your device and then re-install.
  • next, you can sign out of all devices here.
  • try listening on a different device to see if the same problem occurs.

let me know if that helps!

Thanks for the suggestions, Matt. I'll get back to you on this. I'm going to have to test it out over a few days to see if there are any changes.

I have an update! On the day I reported this I also reported that I had changed my settings to turn repeat on. That changed my playlist entirely and I didn't hear those same songs repeat, but as I continued to listen to the music I started hearing repeats more and more frequently. What's more is that I have been hearing the same songs across all of my devices now (tablet, phone, and laptop). Unfortunately, my tablet and phone don't give me the ability to view my history and queue like my laptop does.


Well, I have just confirmed that my songs are repeating. They are repeating in the same exact order and so frequently that the second to last song that I played on my laptop has already showed back up at the bottom of my queue. There are currently 49 tracks showing my my history and those same 49 show up in the exact same order in my queue. I am certain that every song in my queue right now is a song that was in my history tonight.


I am currently playing songs in my Songs list on shuffle and repeat. Recall that previously the repeat option was off and I had the same problem. I currently have a little more than 4,500 songs in my Songs list so I shouldn't repeat a song for probably three months if it was a true shuffle of all of the songs.


I am going to once again change it to remove repeat to see if it affects my list. This really is a miserable way to listen to music, especially on my phone or tablet because I often have to unlock them to change the song. Or fumble with my smart watch while I am at the gym. It's not fun.

@carlcanyon i'd suggest you reach out to spotify directly here or @SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter.


If you let them know as much as you can about your problem - your operating system, spotify version, how you're connecting (i.e. wifi), how long you've had this issue, and the steps you've taken to resolve it - they can have a look on their end and sort this out ASAP.


Thanks for your patience.

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